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I’m late with my post on caramels, but life happened and my fiancé finally arrived back from the U.S. after 2½ months, so I decided to spend time with him instead of blogging 🙂

Recipe for caramels (use organic ingredients where possible):

5 dl cane sugar

1 dl light syrup

½ dl + 1 huge tsp glucose syrup

4 tbsp salted butter

3.75 dl heavy cream

Heat everything in a pan at high heat, until everything is dissolved and the mass is homogeneous.

Turn the heat down to medium/low and let the mass simmer for 3 hours or more (mine was 3½ hours) stirring occasionally. Do not stir to vigorously or often, since this will be letting too much cool air down in the caramel, cooling it down. After around 3 hours, test the caramel by putting a bit on a plate and sticking it in the freezer. Continue to test every 5-10 minutes at this point. When it has the desired consistency when coming out of the freezer, pour the caramel into a large box lined with baking sheet or oiled with a neutral oil. Leave it on the countertop to cool a bit, and then put it in the freezer to cool completely. Cut into pieces and wrap

And eat 🙂 You can store them in the fridge or at room temperature – whatever suits you.

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