Half a Snickers ice and a run

May 29, 2012 at 19:40 Leave a comment

When I came home after work with the outlook of another 2 hours in front of the screen this evening, I was craving Snickers ice and running like nobody’s business – does that sound good or what? My thoughts exactly.

So in 1 hour I tackled the laundry, got a hold of my favourite running buddy and made her agree to a run around the lakes in Copenhagen, changed into the best running t-shirt ever, prepared dinner and ate half a Snickes ice cream bar from the freezer before heading out for 6.4 glorious kilometers in the sun. 


Post-run happiness (including boob-sweat – charming).

We rocked the lakes at a sub-5:30 min/km pace and it was aaaaamazing! Not sure of the exact pace as we had some stops at traffic lights but it was great anyhow. Perfect temperature, sun was out, the water looked gorgeous and I was fueled on ice cream and water – what’s not to like?

I almost always cut Snickers ice cream bars in half and store one half wrapped in clingfilm in the freezer while chomping on the other half. This way a packet lasts me 12 days instead of 6 and I don’t feel bad at all eating half a bar a day (that’s 90 calories worth for you people counting) – plus it leaves room for a piece of dark choccie or some homemade stew of rhubarbs/strawberries/vanilla/sugar with yoghurt. Double yummy!

Just finished a couscous salad with dressing of homegrown herbs and yogurt and now I’m off to the shower before making some tea and working some more. Yup my husband gets to eat with me while I’m in my sweaty running clothes. He’s lucky, I know…


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