Good Times in Portugal (and more running)

June 10, 2012 at 22:29 2 comments

I’m back from Portugal where the husband and I did some serious relaxing a.k.a. Good Times. For one week we slept, ate, drove around the country to visit old Portuguese cities and sunbathed – what’s not to like? Just check out this nice pool area:


We rented a house through the company I work for and it was nothing short of amazing. Three stories, sun-filled rooftop terrace, nice kitchen and living area and a king size bed!

But of course we did more than lying around and relaxing. Even though we had decided that this should be a a stress-free holiday I needed my share of moving around in order not to get completely crazy (I have a hard time relaxing – it’s something I’m working on). So I went on 2 runs in the countryside among the orange trees:


Swam in the amazing pool and walked a ton around the great cities we visited. Our house was located on a hill, so runs suddenly became a bit more challenging than in Copenhagen where everything is flat, flat, flat. And I have to say, I kinda liked doing hills.

Even though I looove food we mostly ate at home during the trip. Both to save some money as we’re saving for a house, but also since it simply fit better with our daily plans. After a day of swimming/running, driving, walking and being on the beach I am too pooped to go out to dinner at a restaurant. The terrace was simply more appealing at that time.

One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast when I’m abroad is Activia yogurt mixed with Greek yogurt. We don’t have Activia in Denmark so I love it when I get to eat one of those 125 g tubs for breakfast. I mix mine with fresh fruit – nectarines or local oranges in this case – and have a piece of toasted bread with marmalade on the side and then I’m all good… The husband likes Nutella (wannabe style) on his toast 🙂


Otherwise the holiday brought great weather (30-35 degrees Celsius), lots of reading (3 books!!) and too much ice cream and white bread. Today is our first day back and I have to say that even though I enjoyed my toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch it was sooo good to tug into a watermelon/raspberry smoothie with an egg this morning, ryebread with smoked salmon for lunch and a salad (cucumber, romaine, feta, spring onion, toasted walnuts) with organic ground beef patties with cheddar for dinner…Image

The afternoon was concluded with a 10K run with my running buddy around the lakes in Copenhagen and boy did it feel good! We kept a 5:04 min/km pace which was really good considering that I was back from holiday and only had 6½ hours of sleep and she was hung over 🙂 It was my first time wearing compression socks which I bought in Portugal and I liked it. Very satisfied and ready to tackle the presumably very full inbox at work tomorrow – so off to bed.

Question: Do you exercise when you’re on holiday? And do you chance your eating pattern when travelling? 


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Half a Snickers ice and a run Post-holiday breakfast

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  • 1. NuveaSantosCobb  |  June 12, 2012 at 02:56

    That house is beautiful.


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