Race recap: Copenhagen Womens 10 K

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Today was the Copenhagen Women’s 10 K which was the longest race I’ve participated in since I got a runner’s knee injury at Christmas time and screwed the knee up even more by running a half marathon on New Year’s Eve. Naturally I was really excited ’cause even though I’ve been running 10 K training runs, I’ve only been doing those around the lakes in Copenhagen where there are a number of traffic lights => a lot of stops and breaks underway. And I was determined to complete this race without any walking breaks (except for the 10 seconds when drinking water at the 5K hydration-station – I cannot drink from a cup while running!).

The race feeling actually started yesterday when I was at the Expo to pick up my bib and chip as well as the race t-shirt and complementary socks. The t-shirt was really nice and without a race print which makes it wearable, but unfortunately I overestimated my size and got a medium instead of a small – big mistake 😦 But I guess it will be ok to do shorter runs in – I just don’t like things flailing around when running. The Expo was just ok I think, but as I was just stopping by on my way to a birthday it might just be that I wasn’t focused on running clothes, juicing and chocolate at the time… Do you wear tight shirts or loose ones when running?

This morning I was running hopelessly late for the race, even though it didn’t start until 11 am and was literally a 6 minute bike-ride from my front door. I woke up late after not sleeping too well during the night so didn’t have breakfast until 9.15. I stuck to a smoothie and an egg on “knækbrød” though, which sat quite well with my stomach. Then I decided to finish some work which I had to do today, in order to be able to focus on the race and relax this afternoon… So all in all I came running up to the start area just as the gun went off and it is safe to say that it wasn’t my best prepared race ever. I did remember both bib, chip and iPod though, so I was good 🙂

 Picture taken after the race – so didn’t have the time before…

The moment I hit the pavement with 3000 other women I was in the zone. Great music was playing, people were excited and the weather was perfect! Slightly cloudy, around 14 degrees Celsius and the sun peaking out for the final 3 K. I have to say, racing in Copenhagen with 2500-3000 other happy women must be one of my favourite things to do. There were 4 bands playing along the race course, samba dancers, husbands, girlfriends and kids cheering along the route and my mood just got better and better for every kilometer.

I stayed at a steady pace throughout the race, running my way to the 55 min group around 4 K and then proceeding to finish at a time of 51.32 – quite ok I think! I knew that I wanted to stay below 55 min, but I also knew that 50 min was probably not realistic, seeing as I am still worrying about my knee and haven’t been doing very much speed work lately. So all in all I’m satisfied. It’s my fastest official 10K time (yay PR on a glorious Sunday) and my next goal will for sure be to get below 5 min/K on the 10 K distance. I did it on the 5K distance this spring clocking in at 4.57 min/K and I know that I can do it for 10 K as well.

Just as I had crossed the finish line the rain started dropping. At first it was just a drizzle, so I chewed my way through my Vitalis bar and unhooked my chip at nice slow pace. But then the sky opened and the rain just started pouring like crazy! I got soaked to the bones so all I could think of was to get home and into a hot shower – and I felt so bad for the poor women still on the course who were struggling through the rain and crazy wind.

Now I’m sitting on the couch with a hot cup of tea, tired legs and clean clothes, ready to relax, stretch, do some reading, a bit of yoga and get into Sunday-mode 🙂

New tee from Portugal – soft and I’m just loving the yoga print!


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