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No regrets…

I never, ever regret attending a yoga class! Or going for a run for that matter but it always seems easier to me to lace up the running shoes than changing into my yoga clothes, gathering my gym pass and yoga mat and getting on the bike (even though it’s just 5 minutes) to go to the gym for a class. [Does that qualify for a “lazy” stamp?] But the past weeks I’ve been sticking to yoga Monday and Thursday and boy do I love it!

Tonight – as always – was my all-time favourite teacher Nanna Kaad, who also happens to be a participant of this show:

One talented lady…

Yoga was followed by scallops á la Nigella Lawson along with a variety of her pea purée on toasted homemade bread – yum!

Here is Nigella’s version in which I swapped green curry paste for parmesan cheese instead, to make it more of an Italian inspired dish. It was sooooo good and left room for a piece of Smitten Kitchen’s raspberry buttermilk cake which I baked yesterday. How’s that for a great Monday night!

Picture of Scallops with Thai-Scented Pea Puree Recipe

[Source: Food Network]

The husband is away for his weekly hunting lessons so I have the apartment to myself which means lots of time for reading! Currently in the middle of this little thing:

Amazon link

I’m snuggling up in the couch – enjoy your evenings!


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Raw brownie

I love anything chocolate, so obviously I adore brownies! I’ve been feasting on a variety of cooked versions over the years, such as this one

But during the past year I’ve also been indulging in raw brownies! Yes admitted, they don’t taste exactly like normal brownies, but I really like them and think that you should just take them for what they are. Ooey-gooey chocolaty brownies 🙂

The best thing about these, is that they’re really fast to make and can therefore be whipped up right as the chocolate-craving sets in, and satisfy it without having to wait for baking and cooling.

You simply take two handfuls of walnuts and half a handful of cashews and blend up to walnut-meal. Add three tbsp of raw cacao powder and some vanilla powder, a tiny bit of salt and mix. Then you blend about 15-20 dates depending on the size of them, and finally you mix everything together in the blender. It should have a doughy texture by now. Mix in some more roughly shopped walnuts. Taste and add anything needed. When done, form into the shape of a cake, making it as thin or thick as desired. Eat!

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I’m late with my post on caramels, but life happened and my fiancé finally arrived back from the U.S. after 2½ months, so I decided to spend time with him instead of blogging 🙂

Recipe for caramels (use organic ingredients where possible):

5 dl cane sugar

1 dl light syrup

½ dl + 1 huge tsp glucose syrup

4 tbsp salted butter

3.75 dl heavy cream

Heat everything in a pan at high heat, until everything is dissolved and the mass is homogeneous.

Turn the heat down to medium/low and let the mass simmer for 3 hours or more (mine was 3½ hours) stirring occasionally. Do not stir to vigorously or often, since this will be letting too much cool air down in the caramel, cooling it down. After around 3 hours, test the caramel by putting a bit on a plate and sticking it in the freezer. Continue to test every 5-10 minutes at this point. When it has the desired consistency when coming out of the freezer, pour the caramel into a large box lined with baking sheet or oiled with a neutral oil. Leave it on the countertop to cool a bit, and then put it in the freezer to cool completely. Cut into pieces and wrap

And eat 🙂 You can store them in the fridge or at room temperature – whatever suits you.

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Oprahs Celebrity Chef Cakes

Because O Magazine has its 10 year anniversary, ten celebrity chefs created ten cakes for Oprah, and check them out! (Picture from

Slices of cake

The best thing about it, is that you can find the recipes here

Haven’t made any of them yet, but please let me know how they turn out, if you try one!

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Strawberries with mascarpone topping

After finishing my dinner last night, I found that it was one of those days where dessert was in order. I spend the day at my parents house, and my mother was preparing tiramisu in the morning, which gave me an insane craving for mascarpone creme! And luckily I got ½ tub of mascarpone cheese from my mother when I left in the afternooon 🙂

I simply took 100 g of frozen, unsweetened strawberries and thawed in the microwave, mashing them with a fork and added a bit of pure vanilla powder. Alongside the strawberries, I whipped up a creme of 60 g mascarpone (1/4 tub), 2 tsp agave nectar, ½ pasteurized egg yolk and some pure vanilla powder. First you whip the egg yolk with the agave nectar until it get white and airy. Then you mix in the mascarpone and season to taste with vanilla. Add a dollop on top of the strawberries – dessert completed!

P.S. If you think that the creme is too hard (mine was a bit), simply add some more egg yolk.

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