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I’m just dining on my own

The husband is out tonight and I have just settled in in from of the computer with a huge cup of tea and a piece of chocolate. The wind is blowing outside and even though it’s not cold, I’ve lit some candles and initiated my much anticipated evening alone in complete silence. Everything I do I do with the tempo of a turtle… and I love it. Except drinking tea which I take huuuge sips from – probably because I have the world’s largest and best tea-cup from Höganäs (picture back from Christmas time, I don’t have ornaments in our livingroom all year 🙂 ):

It has been some quite hectic weeks with holiday, a huge workload and then… we sold our apartment and bought a house! We’re so excited and it’s really something we’ve been looking forward to for such a long time. Now that it has finally happened it’s almost hard to believe that we will be moving away from Copenhagen (the Danish capital) and out to a small-ish city with only 20.000 inhabitants. Which happens to be the place I grew up, so my parents and grandparents still live there.

It’s great and we’re honestly looking forward to some more peace and quiet, being closer to work so that I can bike to and from and just being closer to nature (lakes, the forest etc.). And I’m so looking forward to getting my own garden. I already have a vegetable garden planned, so stay tuned for pictures of home-grown salad in future.

But we’re still living in the city for the next 1½ months and we are going to enjoy Copenhagen while we can. One thing is for sure going to be the jazz festival on July 6-15th which is going to be great as always. But tonight I’m staying in as I’m wicked tired and really just need to be by myself. I did a brief run (3-4 km or something like that) before cooking an amazing dinner:

Whole grain pasta with pointed cabbage, portobello mushrooms, shrimps, lemon and a special “North Sea” cheese

This dinner was out of this world. I cooked fresh whole grain pasta (100 g) and drained it. While it cooked I sauteed a huge mushroom cut into chunks in some olive oil for 1½ minutes, added two large handfuls of pointed cabbage in strips, zest from one lemon (organic) and some large shrimps and cooked for 1 minute more. Then I added the pasta and mixed everything over heat, salted and peppered and transferred to my plate. Grate some “Vesterhavsost” over the plate which adds the most amazing sharp yet mild and deep, nutty flavor to your dish and makes it just a tad more amazing.

 You should actually just plan to make this dish right now. It’s good. I promise. At least if you like pointed cabbage… The trick is to not cook it too much, just one minute on the pan, then you’re good to go.

I’m off to enjoy some interior decoration magazines (the joys of soon becoming owners of a house) and sip some more tea under a blanket. Have a nice Friday!


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No regrets…

I never, ever regret attending a yoga class! Or going for a run for that matter but it always seems easier to me to lace up the running shoes than changing into my yoga clothes, gathering my gym pass and yoga mat and getting on the bike (even though it’s just 5 minutes) to go to the gym for a class. [Does that qualify for a “lazy” stamp?] But the past weeks I’ve been sticking to yoga Monday and Thursday and boy do I love it!

Tonight – as always – was my all-time favourite teacher Nanna Kaad, who also happens to be a participant of this show:

One talented lady…

Yoga was followed by scallops á la Nigella Lawson along with a variety of her pea purée on toasted homemade bread – yum!

Here is Nigella’s version in which I swapped green curry paste for parmesan cheese instead, to make it more of an Italian inspired dish. It was sooooo good and left room for a piece of Smitten Kitchen’s raspberry buttermilk cake which I baked yesterday. How’s that for a great Monday night!

Picture of Scallops with Thai-Scented Pea Puree Recipe

[Source: Food Network]

The husband is away for his weekly hunting lessons so I have the apartment to myself which means lots of time for reading! Currently in the middle of this little thing:

Amazon link

I’m snuggling up in the couch – enjoy your evenings!

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Spring food

Whenever the weather gets warmer and spring arrives, my way of eating tends to change towards more salads and lighter food. The other night I made this fantastic quinoa salad

Tiger shrimps were boiled and shelled. Then marinated with olive oil, freshly chopped chili, lemon grass, fresh ginger, spring onions, garlic and salt and stir fried until the spices start giving of their amazing smell. The quinoa was cooked as instructed on the package and mixed with a bit of sweet chili sauce, the shrimps and cubed red bell peppers. Serve on a bed of romaine salad along with cucumber – fresh and waterfilled, perfect for an evening after relaxing in the sun 🙂

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Romaine lettuce wraps

I had these for breakfast the other day, but they’re also great for lunch or dinner – whenever you feel like having them.

They’re romaine lettuce leaves used as wraps. I love eating wraps, but I don’t like the amount of bread one often eats when making regular wraps, so when I heard about using romaine leaves instead of bread I got really excited! You can stuff them with pretty much everything. I had them with meatballs and bell peppers, chicken and hummus, egg salad, tuna salad – you name it!

The ones on the picture have boiled chicken, guacamole (made from 1 avocado, lemon juice from ½ lemon and a bit of onion) and grilled aubergine. Yum! With a side of blueberries for dessert.

I’m having some trouble with my right leg right at the hip joint, after a 10.2 km run saturday, so I’m taking it slow these days. It hurts, but I can walk and it seems to be getting better upon walking slowly, so today I’m going to take a nice walk instead of running. I tried doing some crunches last night, but that hurts, so no Jillan Michaels for me today!

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Spinach smoothie

I mentioned earlier that I’m into all kinds of smoothies including those with vegetables in them. The other day I had quite a large lunch and therefore wasn’t too hungry at dinnertime, so I decided to make myself a green smoothie.

Look at that cool color! Looks a bit toxic actually 🙂

It’s simply a banana, 125 g of baby spinach leaves, ice-cold water, orange zest and juice (organic of course) and vanilla powder. Blend and drink! If you’re not used to green smoothies, you can blend an apple and some dates with it, to get a fruitier taste. Also try starting with less spinach.

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I surrender myself…

… to take-away! I didn’t have the energy for cooking tonight, so I went for sushi. I had to go somewhere to deliver a package at 6 o’clock, and very conveniently the cheapest sushi-place in my part of town was just nearby. I got 12 pieces and they were soooo good!

I always liked sushi, but in november 2008 I spent two weeks in Japan, where I among other things lived with a Japanese family, I really started loving it! That and tofu… So now I’m a sucker for sushi and eat it anytime I can get my hands on it! Unfortunately it is normally rather expensive, but at Oki Sushi on Frederikssundsvej in Copenhagen you get 12 pieces for 88 kr. (approx. 16 US$) which I think is okay occasionally.

Check out these cool chopsticks that my mom brought me from Japan 10 years ago. I’ve got six pairs.

After dinner I relaxed in my windowsill drinking hot chocolate made from rice milk and chopped 72% dark chocolate


Now I’m off to bed to read and drink some hot tea. It started raining here and somehow it got freezing in here!

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Romaine/chicken salad

Last night I came home late and I was STARVING! So I had to whip up something in around 15 minutes, if I were to even survive 🙂

I knew that I wanted salad, and was actually in the mood for something like Caesar salad, but didn’t have all of the ingredients so that wasn’t an option. But a girl’s gotta work with what she has, so I got to work!

First, I whipped up a mayonnaise from 2 pasteurized egg yolks, ½ tsp of dijon mustard (not pictured), lemon juice from 1/3 lemon and extra virgin olive oil. I know that some people like to use a neutral oil, but I don’t want to use anything too processed, plus I really like the flavour the olive oil gives to the mayonnaise. Whisk egg yolks, dijon mustard and lemon juice until white. Slowly add oil, a bit at a time, while whisking.

There you have it – homemade mayonnaise filled with wonderful fat, which is good for you!
Rip up some romaine salad in a bowl, and add freshly grated parmesan/grana padano/pecorino (whichever you like) along with 2 tbsp of mayonnaise. Toss to mix.

I took two chicken thighs (upper thighs) and roasted them in a skillet until almost cooked through. Remove the meat from the bones, and cut into bite-size pieces. Put back in the skillet with chopped asparagus and one clove of chopped up garlic and cook until the chicken is done. Serve alongside your romaine salad (or in the salad, but the mayonnaise might melt if the chicken is too hot, giving it a different taste).

Eat and enjoy!

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