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Food trends

The great new hype in Denmark is RAW food where the food you eat cannot be heated above 42 degrees Celsius, in order to preserve nutrients and enzymes in the food. Naturally most RAW foodists only eat fruit, vegetables and nuts, and are therefore vegan. Some eat raw milk and raw meat, but after scouting the RAW food blog world for a year or so, I can safely say that this is not the majority.

I love fruit, vegetables and nuts, and like to eat fresh food that nurtures my body optimally. But I also believe that you don’t always have to categorize how you eat, put everyone in boxes and get overly obsessed with your diet. Without it being intentional I often eat an all-raw breakfast, a 50-75% raw lunch (salad and eggs, salad and rye-bread or something like that), as well as a salad for dinner alongside my meat/egg/fish/starch probably being 30-50% of my evening meal depending on the day. And when I say it isn’t intentional, I mean that I don’t strive to be a RAW foodist – I simply eat what feels good in my body. Trying not to obsess with it.

I love to read blogs and “un-cook” books about RAW food, simply because I enjoy a lot of the recipes from this lifestyle. But my question is, why it has to be a lifestyle in the first place? Why do we have to constantly label how we eat? I don’t want to be a RAW foodist, an Atkins-girl, a carbohydrate-foresaker or any of the other labels that are often put on people that eat in different ways. I want to eat what feels good for ME and take what I need from any of the self-labeled regimes in the world of food and diet. Or should I say from nature? Fresh, wholesome and non-processed food that does me good. Period.

The question is also, how did raw food suddenly become something extraordinary? Raw food is a natural part of my diet every day, and I was really surprised when I first found out that there is an entire community making a label out of un-cooked food 🙂

A funny thing about this whole RAW food trend, especially in the US, is that it seems as if people embarking on a transition from their old diet to the RAW diet has to switch up their eats from almost no raw food to 75-100%. I must say that I am sometimes amazed by how little fresh and raw fruit and vegetables people eat, and seeing the “Jamie Olivers Food Revolution” programmes just made my amazement even greater. How can kids in American schools go by a day in school, eating only a fresh apple and everything else being processed? Yes I am truly amazed…

How do you feel about labels? Do you like to be able to label yourself with a certain way of eating? Do you even think about it?


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Simply breakfast

I just found this blog called simply breakfast where Jen posts pictures of her breakfast, and I think you should check it out! It’s really inspiring, and especially when you’re like me, who tend to eat the same things over and over again.

simply breakfast

Do you vary your breakfast much?

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Check this out!

Just check out this amazing post on health and working out, over at The Adventures of Ernie Bufflo called:

the only thing we need to lose is our obsession with thinness

Is that great or what? I am so looking forward to the day, where exercise and food is only related to feeling good. And I know that everyone needs to start with themselves, so today I’m taking a stand for being healthy and enjoying life! And I’m starting by making caramels, because a healthy mind is part of a healthy body. And making caramels is fun and relaxing to me 🙂

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Every Monday matters

On Oprahs website the “Every Monday Matters” project is underway, with 52 ways to make a difference on this monday. Even though it might not have that much to do with food and the kitchen, it has something to do with mental health, and that is why I’m now blogging about it 🙂

If you go to the website, you will find ideas such as “Write a note of gratitude”, “Donate books”, “Start exercising” and “Eat healthy” which can all start today! So if you need some change in your life, or just want to make a difference in your own or others life, go to the website and get inspired.

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Oprahs Celebrity Chef Cakes

Because O Magazine has its 10 year anniversary, ten celebrity chefs created ten cakes for Oprah, and check them out! (Picture from

Slices of cake

The best thing about it, is that you can find the recipes here

Haven’t made any of them yet, but please let me know how they turn out, if you try one!

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Great health blogs

Just wanted to share with you, some of my favourite food and health blogs:

Kath Eats Real Food
Recipes, everyday life and running. I love the way Kath is so open and sweet in her blog-posts

Eat, Live, Run
Jenna talks about delicious food, her yoga and workout routines and her life in general. Her way of writing just has me coming back every day.

Crazy Sexy Life
Health, food, medicinal facts, raw food and life-changing articles

Oh She Glows
Angela cooks up vegan food and delicious snacks, while talking about her training, challenges, struggles and victories of her life.

Heather Eats Almond Butter
Wierd and wonderful, veggie-filled food! And yoga 🙂

Kristens Raw
Raw food and a positive attitude towards life

Smitten Kitchen
Amazing food! Enough said…

Choosing Raw
Great raw food inspiration

Sweetly Raw
Raw Goddess Heathy “cooks” up raw dessert so amazingly, that you will never missed cooked cake again!

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My equipment for running

I just completed a 10.4 km run, and I’m really proud of myself! With that, I figured that I would just show you what equipment I use for running and for keeping me motivated.

First of all, I run with my Polar watch for monitoring my heart rate, and making sure that I stay around 80% of my maximum heart rate.

For motivation and a way of tracking my runs, I use my iPod with the Nike+ iPod

I love that I can listen to my favourite music on a pre-made playlist, while having the possibility of constantly getting information on how far I’ve run, what my pace is and how far I have left. All presented by a very motivating lady 🙂

So get exercising!

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