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Cinnamon Muffins

I’m back in the kitchen after some months where work has gotten the better of me. And the kitchen has been neglected… Of course I’ve been cooking, but nothing exciting – and I miss it!

It’s Sunday morning, and I wanted to treat my husband and I with some Sunday-Morning-Muffins. Since it’s officially Autumn in Denmark, I wanted something spicy yet indulgent, so it was absolutely perfect when I found a recipe for Cinnamon Toast Muffins on the Eat, Live, Run blog. I adapted the recipe a bit, so here we go on my Autumn Cinnamon Muffins. They are currently still in the oven, overflowing the house with a delicious scent of cinnamon and vanilla. But as I am absolutely sure that they will be good, I’ll give you the recipe already.

Cinnamon Muffins

Makes 11 cupcake sized muffins


1 ½ cup of all-purpose flour

0.75 cups of whole rye flour

0.75 cups of organic cane sugar

½ tsp of cinnamon

½ tsp of cardamom

½ tsp of nutmeg

A pinch of vanilla powder

1 ½ tsp of baking powder

0.75 cups of organic 1.5% milk

1/3 cup of neutral vegetable oil (I believe that coconut oil would also be amazing!)

1 organic egg


4 tbsp organic butter

½ cup organic cane sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Mix dry ingredients in one bowl and wet in another. Combine the two, stirring until mixed well. Scoop the batter into a muffin pan or cupcake tins – I use silicone forms. Bake for around 20 minutes, or until a knife inserted in a muffin comes out clean.

For the topping, heat the butter and mix in sugar and cinnamon. Dip each muffin top in the mixture, and leave to cool slightly. The topping will crisp up.

1 cup = 2.5 dl

Enjoy, preferably with a nice cup of tea and someone you love by your side. I will be serving mine to my husband in bed very soon, with a steaming cup of his favourite french-press coffee. As my camera have been stolen, I cannot show any pictures just yet…


September 26, 2010 at 10:31 2 comments

Spring food

Whenever the weather gets warmer and spring arrives, my way of eating tends to change towards more salads and lighter food. The other night I made this fantastic quinoa salad

Tiger shrimps were boiled and shelled. Then marinated with olive oil, freshly chopped chili, lemon grass, fresh ginger, spring onions, garlic and salt and stir fried until the spices start giving of their amazing smell. The quinoa was cooked as instructed on the package and mixed with a bit of sweet chili sauce, the shrimps and cubed red bell peppers. Serve on a bed of romaine salad along with cucumber – fresh and waterfilled, perfect for an evening after relaxing in the sun 🙂

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Raw brownie

I love anything chocolate, so obviously I adore brownies! I’ve been feasting on a variety of cooked versions over the years, such as this one

But during the past year I’ve also been indulging in raw brownies! Yes admitted, they don’t taste exactly like normal brownies, but I really like them and think that you should just take them for what they are. Ooey-gooey chocolaty brownies 🙂

The best thing about these, is that they’re really fast to make and can therefore be whipped up right as the chocolate-craving sets in, and satisfy it without having to wait for baking and cooling.

You simply take two handfuls of walnuts and half a handful of cashews and blend up to walnut-meal. Add three tbsp of raw cacao powder and some vanilla powder, a tiny bit of salt and mix. Then you blend about 15-20 dates depending on the size of them, and finally you mix everything together in the blender. It should have a doughy texture by now. Mix in some more roughly shopped walnuts. Taste and add anything needed. When done, form into the shape of a cake, making it as thin or thick as desired. Eat!

May 1, 2010 at 12:51 1 comment

Oat sundae breakfast

I had the most amazing breakfast this morning! Or actually second breakfast, as I started out with a small spinach smoothie at 7.30, and got hungry at 11.30 again 🙂

My Oat Sundae!

I made oatmeal from oats, water, banana and vanilla powder and filled up the bowl with yummy toppings! Raspberries, blueberries, hazelnut butter, walnuts and raw cacao nibs. It was fantastic! The soft, warm and sweet oatmeal with slightly tart berries and crunchy nuts and nibs… Mmmmmm, like an warm ice cream sundae…

May 1, 2010 at 12:07 1 comment

Romaine lettuce wraps

I had these for breakfast the other day, but they’re also great for lunch or dinner – whenever you feel like having them.

They’re romaine lettuce leaves used as wraps. I love eating wraps, but I don’t like the amount of bread one often eats when making regular wraps, so when I heard about using romaine leaves instead of bread I got really excited! You can stuff them with pretty much everything. I had them with meatballs and bell peppers, chicken and hummus, egg salad, tuna salad – you name it!

The ones on the picture have boiled chicken, guacamole (made from 1 avocado, lemon juice from ½ lemon and a bit of onion) and grilled aubergine. Yum! With a side of blueberries for dessert.

I’m having some trouble with my right leg right at the hip joint, after a 10.2 km run saturday, so I’m taking it slow these days. It hurts, but I can walk and it seems to be getting better upon walking slowly, so today I’m going to take a nice walk instead of running. I tried doing some crunches last night, but that hurts, so no Jillan Michaels for me today!

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Spinach smoothie

I mentioned earlier that I’m into all kinds of smoothies including those with vegetables in them. The other day I had quite a large lunch and therefore wasn’t too hungry at dinnertime, so I decided to make myself a green smoothie.

Look at that cool color! Looks a bit toxic actually 🙂

It’s simply a banana, 125 g of baby spinach leaves, ice-cold water, orange zest and juice (organic of course) and vanilla powder. Blend and drink! If you’re not used to green smoothies, you can blend an apple and some dates with it, to get a fruitier taste. Also try starting with less spinach.

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I’m late with my post on caramels, but life happened and my fiancé finally arrived back from the U.S. after 2½ months, so I decided to spend time with him instead of blogging 🙂

Recipe for caramels (use organic ingredients where possible):

5 dl cane sugar

1 dl light syrup

½ dl + 1 huge tsp glucose syrup

4 tbsp salted butter

3.75 dl heavy cream

Heat everything in a pan at high heat, until everything is dissolved and the mass is homogeneous.

Turn the heat down to medium/low and let the mass simmer for 3 hours or more (mine was 3½ hours) stirring occasionally. Do not stir to vigorously or often, since this will be letting too much cool air down in the caramel, cooling it down. After around 3 hours, test the caramel by putting a bit on a plate and sticking it in the freezer. Continue to test every 5-10 minutes at this point. When it has the desired consistency when coming out of the freezer, pour the caramel into a large box lined with baking sheet or oiled with a neutral oil. Leave it on the countertop to cool a bit, and then put it in the freezer to cool completely. Cut into pieces and wrap

And eat 🙂 You can store them in the fridge or at room temperature – whatever suits you.

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