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Race recap: Copenhagen Womens 10 K

Today was the Copenhagen Women’s 10 K which was the longest race I’ve participated in since I got a runner’s knee injury at Christmas time and screwed the knee up even more by running a half marathon on New Year’s Eve. Naturally I was really excited ’cause even though I’ve been running 10 K training runs, I’ve only been doing those around the lakes in Copenhagen where there are a number of traffic lights => a lot of stops and breaks underway. And I was determined to complete this race without any walking breaks (except for the 10 seconds when drinking water at the 5K hydration-station – I cannot drink from a cup while running!).

The race feeling actually started yesterday when I was at the Expo to pick up my bib and chip as well as the race t-shirt and complementary socks. The t-shirt was really nice and without a race print which makes it wearable, but unfortunately I overestimated my size and got a medium instead of a small – big mistake 😦 But I guess it will be ok to do shorter runs in – I just don’t like things flailing around when running. The Expo was just ok I think, but as I was just stopping by on my way to a birthday it might just be that I wasn’t focused on running clothes, juicing and chocolate at the time… Do you wear tight shirts or loose ones when running?

This morning I was running hopelessly late for the race, even though it didn’t start until 11 am and was literally a 6 minute bike-ride from my front door. I woke up late after not sleeping too well during the night so didn’t have breakfast until 9.15. I stuck to a smoothie and an egg on “knækbrød” though, which sat quite well with my stomach. Then I decided to finish some work which I had to do today, in order to be able to focus on the race and relax this afternoon… So all in all I came running up to the start area just as the gun went off and it is safe to say that it wasn’t my best prepared race ever. I did remember both bib, chip and iPod though, so I was good 🙂

 Picture taken after the race – so didn’t have the time before…

The moment I hit the pavement with 3000 other women I was in the zone. Great music was playing, people were excited and the weather was perfect! Slightly cloudy, around 14 degrees Celsius and the sun peaking out for the final 3 K. I have to say, racing in Copenhagen with 2500-3000 other happy women must be one of my favourite things to do. There were 4 bands playing along the race course, samba dancers, husbands, girlfriends and kids cheering along the route and my mood just got better and better for every kilometer.

I stayed at a steady pace throughout the race, running my way to the 55 min group around 4 K and then proceeding to finish at a time of 51.32 – quite ok I think! I knew that I wanted to stay below 55 min, but I also knew that 50 min was probably not realistic, seeing as I am still worrying about my knee and haven’t been doing very much speed work lately. So all in all I’m satisfied. It’s my fastest official 10K time (yay PR on a glorious Sunday) and my next goal will for sure be to get below 5 min/K on the 10 K distance. I did it on the 5K distance this spring clocking in at 4.57 min/K and I know that I can do it for 10 K as well.

Just as I had crossed the finish line the rain started dropping. At first it was just a drizzle, so I chewed my way through my Vitalis bar and unhooked my chip at nice slow pace. But then the sky opened and the rain just started pouring like crazy! I got soaked to the bones so all I could think of was to get home and into a hot shower – and I felt so bad for the poor women still on the course who were struggling through the rain and crazy wind.

Now I’m sitting on the couch with a hot cup of tea, tired legs and clean clothes, ready to relax, stretch, do some reading, a bit of yoga and get into Sunday-mode 🙂

New tee from Portugal – soft and I’m just loving the yoga print!


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My first official race since New Year’s Eve was today’s Femina Race and I managed to get below 5 min/km on a 5K. Not much, but every second counts… My chip-time was 24.26 min so 4.56min/K – good enough for me! And within my goal of 25 min on 5 K which my physiotherapist challenged me to do 🙂

Things are looking up with my injury for sure and my knee if feeling so much better. I seriously have the world’s best physiotherapist. He knows exactly how to fix all of me again and even taught me how to walk when he found out that my wrong gait and stiff hips were causing my runner’s knee – gotta love that man.

I had a really busy day at work and somehow all of the yuckyness (that word exists, I’m telling you!) disappears when I tie my shoes and head out on the race course. That’s why I’m in love with running, it can save even the worst of days and get my head straight again.

Now I’m off to make dinner for the husband and do some well-deserved relaxing!

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Back in the racing game

Ok so tomorrow I’ll be running my first race since my half marathon on New Year’s Eve. I’ve suffered from an extreme case of runner’s knee ever since, but now I finally feel like I’m getting back on track after four loong months. It’s only 5 km tomorrow but it’s a race and I’m just grateful to be back. I’m back in my old running shoes as apparently my Lunarglides does not go well with my knees and hips, but with my Nike Citius 2+ my body is in heaven

Yesterday I had a hell of a run – 6.4 km in 30.43 minutes, that’s a whopping 4 min 50 seconds per km which in my book is really fast 🙂 I was one happy runner when I returned from the lakes in Copenhagen at half past 5 in the afternoon after 30 minutes of sunshine and legs pounding to the ground.

After the world’s fastest dinner and shower I saw this little (albeit long) gem in Dagmar Theatre:

And I was actually quite positively surprised, I can highly recommend the movie it’s truly an amazing story of a crazy dictatorship and an incredibly dedicated and selfless woman. But remember to bring Kleenex! At one point in the movie you could just hear all of the women in the cinema starting to sniffle (yours truly included) 🙂

Now I’m in for some hips stretches and yoga before hitting the covers – getting up at 6 AM tomorrow. Cross your fingers that the race goes well, and if it does I have some big time racing planned this summer! Copenhagen Womens’s 10K in June, Ørestadsløbet, some smaller races over the summer and then the Powerade Copenhagen half marathon in September. Dear knee please behave for the next 5 months…

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Romaine lettuce wraps

I had these for breakfast the other day, but they’re also great for lunch or dinner – whenever you feel like having them.

They’re romaine lettuce leaves used as wraps. I love eating wraps, but I don’t like the amount of bread one often eats when making regular wraps, so when I heard about using romaine leaves instead of bread I got really excited! You can stuff them with pretty much everything. I had them with meatballs and bell peppers, chicken and hummus, egg salad, tuna salad – you name it!

The ones on the picture have boiled chicken, guacamole (made from 1 avocado, lemon juice from ½ lemon and a bit of onion) and grilled aubergine. Yum! With a side of blueberries for dessert.

I’m having some trouble with my right leg right at the hip joint, after a 10.2 km run saturday, so I’m taking it slow these days. It hurts, but I can walk and it seems to be getting better upon walking slowly, so today I’m going to take a nice walk instead of running. I tried doing some crunches last night, but that hurts, so no Jillan Michaels for me today!

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My equipment for running

I just completed a 10.4 km run, and I’m really proud of myself! With that, I figured that I would just show you what equipment I use for running and for keeping me motivated.

First of all, I run with my Polar watch for monitoring my heart rate, and making sure that I stay around 80% of my maximum heart rate.

For motivation and a way of tracking my runs, I use my iPod with the Nike+ iPod

I love that I can listen to my favourite music on a pre-made playlist, while having the possibility of constantly getting information on how far I’ve run, what my pace is and how far I have left. All presented by a very motivating lady 🙂

So get exercising!

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