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Good Times in Portugal (and more running)

I’m back from Portugal where the husband and I did some serious relaxing a.k.a. Good Times. For one week we slept, ate, drove around the country to visit old Portuguese cities and sunbathed – what’s not to like? Just check out this nice pool area:


We rented a house through the company I work for and it was nothing short of amazing. Three stories, sun-filled rooftop terrace, nice kitchen and living area and a king size bed!

But of course we did more than lying around and relaxing. Even though we had decided that this should be a a stress-free holiday I needed my share of moving around in order not to get completely crazy (I have a hard time relaxing – it’s something I’m working on). So I went on 2 runs in the countryside among the orange trees:


Swam in the amazing pool and walked a ton around the great cities we visited. Our house was located on a hill, so runs suddenly became a bit more challenging than in Copenhagen where everything is flat, flat, flat. And I have to say, I kinda liked doing hills.

Even though I looove food we mostly ate at home during the trip. Both to save some money as we’re saving for a house, but also since it simply fit better with our daily plans. After a day of swimming/running, driving, walking and being on the beach I am too pooped to go out to dinner at a restaurant. The terrace was simply more appealing at that time.

One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast when I’m abroad is Activia yogurt mixed with Greek yogurt. We don’t have Activia in Denmark so I love it when I get to eat one of those 125 g tubs for breakfast. I mix mine with fresh fruit – nectarines or local oranges in this case – and have a piece of toasted bread with marmalade on the side and then I’m all good… The husband likes Nutella (wannabe style) on his toast 🙂


Otherwise the holiday brought great weather (30-35 degrees Celsius), lots of reading (3 books!!) and too much ice cream and white bread. Today is our first day back and I have to say that even though I enjoyed my toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch it was sooo good to tug into a watermelon/raspberry smoothie with an egg this morning, ryebread with smoked salmon for lunch and a salad (cucumber, romaine, feta, spring onion, toasted walnuts) with organic ground beef patties with cheddar for dinner…Image

The afternoon was concluded with a 10K run with my running buddy around the lakes in Copenhagen and boy did it feel good! We kept a 5:04 min/km pace which was really good considering that I was back from holiday and only had 6½ hours of sleep and she was hung over 🙂 It was my first time wearing compression socks which I bought in Portugal and I liked it. Very satisfied and ready to tackle the presumably very full inbox at work tomorrow – so off to bed.

Question: Do you exercise when you’re on holiday? And do you chance your eating pattern when travelling? 


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Half a Snickers ice and a run

When I came home after work with the outlook of another 2 hours in front of the screen this evening, I was craving Snickers ice and running like nobody’s business – does that sound good or what? My thoughts exactly.

So in 1 hour I tackled the laundry, got a hold of my favourite running buddy and made her agree to a run around the lakes in Copenhagen, changed into the best running t-shirt ever, prepared dinner and ate half a Snickes ice cream bar from the freezer before heading out for 6.4 glorious kilometers in the sun. 


Post-run happiness (including boob-sweat – charming).

We rocked the lakes at a sub-5:30 min/km pace and it was aaaaamazing! Not sure of the exact pace as we had some stops at traffic lights but it was great anyhow. Perfect temperature, sun was out, the water looked gorgeous and I was fueled on ice cream and water – what’s not to like?

I almost always cut Snickers ice cream bars in half and store one half wrapped in clingfilm in the freezer while chomping on the other half. This way a packet lasts me 12 days instead of 6 and I don’t feel bad at all eating half a bar a day (that’s 90 calories worth for you people counting) – plus it leaves room for a piece of dark choccie or some homemade stew of rhubarbs/strawberries/vanilla/sugar with yoghurt. Double yummy!

Just finished a couscous salad with dressing of homegrown herbs and yogurt and now I’m off to the shower before making some tea and working some more. Yup my husband gets to eat with me while I’m in my sweaty running clothes. He’s lucky, I know…

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Summer has arrived!

How do I know when summer has truly arrived in Copenhagen? Besides the obvious fact that the sun is shining…
1) I’m sweating like hell even when I’m not working out (charming – that’s me)
2) I wake up at 6 and there’s no way I’m going back to bed – did you see the weather?
3) My flowers all die as I tend to place them in the windows and never remember to water them
4) I want to go running every day, and end up hardly being able to manage more than 5K because the heat is killing me… But it’s so wonderful being out when the sun is out and people are everywhere in the streets
5) I eat my first cereal-based breakfast! I love cereal for breakfast but usually I stay away from it as it has too many calories compared to the huge amount I need to stay full until lunch. But in the summertime I tend to be less hungry throughout the day, so it fits perfectly. Welcome back cereal, I’ve missed you 🙂


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Salmon stir-fry

Last night I was the one having company, as a really good friend came over. First we went groceryshopping, since we didn’t meet until a quarter to six in the evening and I hadn’t had the time to shop for the past days. Then we went to my place to cook, while drinking tea and having a good old girl talk 🙂

We cooked some brown rice and served them with a salmon stir-fry. Salmon, carrots, leeks, tomatoes, garlic, chili, lemon grass and a variety of mushrooms were all thrown in the pan, starting with garlic, chili, lemongrass and carrots and ending with mushrooms. Then we added some organic coconut milk, salt and pepper, and finally some roasted cashew nuts. Yum!! I didn’t take any pictures last night, but I had some leftovers for lunch today:

Somehow stir-fry dishes never look at good as they taste 🙂

Today I’ve been soooo tired, since I didn’t sleep nearly enough last night, and working all day hasn’t helped. So I’m going to cook up some homemade tomato sauce and perhaps serve with whole grain pasta from the Danish supermarket Irma and parmesan. Maybe some chicken with it. It has to be some kind of comfort food! And then I’m going to curl up on the couch and relax with a nice book – if I can stay awake for that long!

Exercise-wise it might be some light yoga before dinner, but I’m not in the mood for running at all. Plus it started raining and if there’s anything I hate, then it’s rain! Not a very good subject for my hate, since I live in Denmark where it rains a lot!

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Pesto snacks

The day before yesterday I decided to bake up a little snack, to bring for dinner at my friends house. As I really love pesto, I decided that pesto-snails had to be the answer, and look how cute they came out

I made a simple dough of 150 g of spelt graham flour, 40 g of rye flour, 50 g of organic salted butter and a little more than 1 dl water. First mix the flour and butter, and add water, gathering the dough. Leave in the fridge for 1 hour. Take it out and let it soften a bit, before rolling it out on the table. Cut into strips of 10 cm in width. Put on pesto (homemade or store-bought. Mine was made from basil, cashew nuts, parmesan, lemon, salt and extra virgin olive oil.), roll and cut into little “snails” 🙂 Bake at 200 degrees for approximately 10 minutes or until done.

They turned out really good, and paired perfectly with the tomato/spinach/feta/avocado/pine nut salad my friend had made. I really like going out to informal dinners, just sitting around drinking a glass of water, chatting and going home rather early – it doesn’t have to be such a fuss having people over.

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No-bake cold cashew-chocolate-cookies

I just made one of my favourite sweet things: cashew-chocolate-cookies!

They might not look that amazing but trust me – they are! This is one of those recipes where you just mix things until you think it tastes good, therefore there aren’t any real measurements, but don’t let that frighten you! 
First you make chocolate chips my mixing heated coconut oil, raw (or regular) cacao powder, agave nectar and pure vanilla powder. Pour the mixture in a tray lined with a baking sheet, and pop in the freezer for 15 minutes. If it isn’t solid yet, leave it a bit longer. Cut up into chips and use. 

While the chocolate mixture sets in the freezer, make the dough. Grind cashew nuts in a blender (i use 2 big handfuls), adding coconut oil, vanilla powder, agave syrup and oats when the nuts are completely ground to cashew meal. I tend to add 2-3 big tbsp of oats, 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 2-3 tbsp agave and 1/8 tsp vanilla powder, but as I said just play around with it. Blend some more, until you have a cookie dough texture. Add more of anything needed – make sure to taste it! Mix the chocolate chips into the dough and form into cookies or balls. Pop in the freezer again for 15-20 minutes and eat 🙂
This is so easy, and kids can definitely join you in the kitchen! 

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Apple snack

One of my favourite snacks at all times (when I’m not craving chocolate or salted nuts) is lemon apples. They are so easy to make, tastes amazing and keep for two-three days in the fridge. The sour and yet flavourful lemon along with the sweet and crisp apple is perfect for snacking on throughout the day.

Lemon apples
1 (organic) apple
½ (organic) lemon

Zest the lemon and put zest and juice in a bowl. Cut up the apple into very thin pieces. Mix everything thoroughly, cover the bowl and leave in the fridge for an hour marinating. You can however eat them straight away if you want to. Either drain apples from the leftover lemon juice, or simply leave it all together, depending on how sour you like the outside of the apples to be. Eat and enjoy!
You can mix a bit of pure vanilla powder in the lemon juice for an even more candy-like taste. 

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